This project adheres to Semantic Versioning and human-readable changelog.

The current role maintainer is ypid.

debops-contrib.etckeeper v0.1.0 - unreleased


  • Initial coding and design. [ypid]
  • Added support to configure the user and email used by etckeeper. [joh6nn, ypid]


  • Renamed etckeeper_gitignore to etckeeper_ignore_list, etckeeper_gitignore_group to etckeeper_ignore_host_group_list, etckeeper_ignore_host_list to etckeeper_gitignore_host. [ypid]

  • Moved role default ignore list from etckeeper_ignore_list to it’s own ignore list etckeeper_ignore_role_list. [ypid]

  • Changed namespace from etckeeper_ to etckeeper__. etckeeper_[^_] variables are hereby deprecated and you might need to update your inventory. This oneliner might come in handy to do this.

    git ls-files | xargs sed --in-place --regexp-extended 's/etckeeper_([^_])/etckeeper__\1/g'