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Additional Ansible roles of the DebOps project

Welcome. This organization is meant to hold the Ansible roles and playbooks that are not part of the official DebOps project, but might be integrated with it in the future.

If you have any roles that you would like to add here, you can either create an issue in this (debops-contrib) repository or contact the team at #debops IRC channel on FreeNode, or through the mailing list.

You should be able to import your role to Ansible Galaxy under the debops-contrib organization. The role would then be called debops-contrib.$your_role. Remember to rename your role appropriately and generate a new README indicating its correct name.

Example: debops-contrib.checkmk_server

DebOps Contrib Playbooks

As for the official DebOps project, DebOps Contrib also has a repository holding playbooks for the roles. The repository is called debops-contrib-playbooks.