Adding roles to the documentationΒΆ

If you maintain a DebOps Contrib role, you are encouraged to add your role to this end user documentation.

For this, check how DebOps does documentation by looking at debops/docs and for examples you can checkout an up-to-date role from the DebOps Status page. The links defined in DebOps docs global.rst can also be used for DebOps Contribs roles. The file gets injected into the docs build the same way as for DebOps itself. If you have additional links which fit into the file, you can add them to debops/docs and your changes will also be available here. Refer to Use global link definitions for details.

The file which is used for GitHub and Ansible Galaxy can be generated using ansigenome and templates currently available here:

For bonus points, setup Travis CI tests for your role and import it on Ansible Galaxy.

Feel free to add your role to: You can add a role by running ./add_new_role checkmk_server (replace checkmk_server with the name of the role). When you are member of the DebOps Contrib organization you should have write permissions to the repository and can merge your own pull request after the test for the PR passed.

If you push new commits to your role, this documentation should pick them up within two hours without further intervention.