Default variable details

Some of debops-contrib.gdnsd default variables have more extensive configuration than simple strings or lists, here you can find documentation and examples for them.


This list is used to configure the DNS zones which are served by gdnsd. Each list element corresponds to zone entry which is a YAML dictionary with the following parameters:

Domain name of the DNS zone. Required, if this is a forward zone.
Optional. Set this to True to mark zone entry as reverse zone. Defaults to False.
Network definition for reverse zone. Required, if this is a reverse zone.
Optional. DNS name of the primary name server for this zone which is added to the zone's SOA record. Must be a FQDN. Defaults to the host name where gdnsd is installed.
Optional. Mail address of the person in charge of the zone. Defaults to hostmaster@{{ item.domain }}.
Optional. Time interval before the zone should be refreshed. Defaults to gdnsd__refresh.
Optional. Time interval that should elapse before a failed refresh should be retried. Defaults to gdnsd__retry.
Optional. Specifies how long zone data is considered valid in case the zone cannot be refreshed from the primary name server. Defaults to gdnsd__expire.
Optional. Negative caching TTL. Defaults to gdnsd__negative_cache.
Optional. List of authoritative name servers for this zone. For each entry a NS record will be added to the zone file. By default only the host running gdnsd will be set as authoritative name server.

Optional. List of DNS records for this zone. Each records is defined as a YAML dictionary with the following properties:

Required (except for item.type: MX). Record name. Depending on the record type, this is e.g. a host name.
Optional. Record type. Supported are A, CNAME, MX, SRV and TXT. Defaults to A record.
Optional. If item.type is A, add a reverse zone entry for this record. Defaults to True if gdnsd__reverse_zones is True.
Required. Resource data which is served when querying the record. Depending on the record type this is e.g. a host address.
Optional. Individual record TTL.
Optional. Preference given to this record among others with the same data. Lower values are preferred. Only valid for MX and SRV record types. Defaults to 5.
Optional. A server selection mechanism. The weight field specifies a relative weight for entries with the same preference. Larger weights should be given a proportionately higher probability of being selected. Only valid for SRV record type. Defaults to 0.
Required. The port on this target host of this service. Only valid for SRV record type.