Guides and examples

Alternative Package Source

Unfortunately Mathias Kettner, the upstream packager of Check_MK, doesn't provide a Apt repository for the check-mk-raw Debian package. By default the role will therefore download the package from the official download URL before installing it.

However, it is possible to define an alternative installation sources for the check-mk-raw package:

  • In case the package is managed in a custom Apt repository the package name can be specified. E.g.:

    checkmk_server__raw_package: 'check-mk-raw-{{ checkmk_server__version }}'


The application version is always part of the package name. This will allow multiple versions to be installed at once.

  • If no direct Internet connection and no local repository is available, for example in a simple Vagrant environment, a local file path can be defined. E.g.:

    checkmk_server__raw_package: '/vagrant/check-mk-raw-{{ checkmk_server__version }}_0.{{ ansible_distribution_release }}_amd64.deb'

Manually setup Monitoring Site

By default the role will setup a monitoring site named according to checkmk_server__site. Sometimes it might be desired to not let Ansible generate a site configuration by itself but use the omd tool manually instead. This can be achieved by simply setting:

checkmk_server__site: False

When not managing the site configuration through Ansible, the debops-contrib.checkmk_agent role won't be able to auto-detect the server properties. They need to be specified manually in the Ansible inventory. For more details check the agent role documentation.