Default variable details

Some of the debops-contrib.checkmk_agent default variables have more extensive configuration values than simple strings or lists, here you can find documentation and examples for them.


This is a configuration dictionary defining the host attributes which are associated with this host in the Check_MK server Web interface (aka WATO). The following configuration keys are supported:

Optional. A comment or description of this host.

Optional. Only members of the contact groups listed here have WATO permission to this host. The value for this configuration key is another dictionary where the following configuration keys must be defined:

Required. List of contact groups defined in WATO.
Optional. With this option contact groups that are added to hosts are always being added to services, as well. This only makes a difference if you have assigned other contact groups to services via rules in Host & Service Parameters. Allowed values are True and False. Defaults to False.
Optional. In case the name of the host is not resolvable via /etc/hosts or DNS by your monitoring server, you can specify an explicit IP address or a resolvable DNS name of the host here.
Optional. List of host names which act as parents. Parents are used to configure the reachability of hosts by the monitoring server. A host is considered to be unreachable if all of its parents are unreachable or down.
Optional. Name of the monitoring site that should monitor this host.
Optional. Any tag defined in the WATO Web interface or when using the server role via checkmk_server__multisite_cfg_wato_host_tags can be assigned here. Example: To set the WATO tag criticality to test this would be defined as tag_criticality: test.